Asylum seeker accused of child sex abuse flees to Sweden

An Afghan asylum seeker in Germany has fled to Sweden and registered under a new identity after being accused of sexually abusing the four-year-old daughter of the family caring for him.

The case of Ahmed M., who claimed to be just 12 when he entered Germany in 2016, is another sorry tale of abused trust and bureaucratic blunders that have left him free and the girl he allegedly abused in therapy.

He was taken in by a Catholic family in Berlin, along with several other Afghan minors, shortly after he arrived.

In July last year he was left alone for the afternoon with the family’s toddler daughter Emily.

In December last year Germany issued him with new temporary residency papers stating was born six months later than he originally stated.

Soon after he fled to Malmo in Sweden where he has registered as a refugee using the name Ahmed M. – and claiming he was born in 2005.

The family in Germany who took him in have asked Sweden to investigate him. So far there has been no response from Swedish authorities.

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