Young EU migrants could be given two-year work visas ‘to boost economy’ after UK leaves

Younger migrants have a longer working life ahead of them so have a higher chance of making a net positive contribution to the public finances’, report says.

EU migrants aged under 30 could be given two-year visas that allow them to live and work in the UK post-Brexit under economic contingency proposals being considered by the Government.

Migration Advisory Commission has been asked by ministers to examine the likely economic impact of the imminent exit from the EU which is set to end freedom of movement to and from the UK.

In its call for evidence, published this week, the committee suggests the UK economy could benefit by giving preferential treatment to younger migrants, who are likely to have a longer working life ahead of them and to pay more into the tax system than they take from it – for example, because they are less likely to have long-term health problems.

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