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PA: Japan to recognise Palestine state, increase aid

Japan is to recognise the State of Palestinian and increase aid to UNRWA, Quds Press reported a senior Palestinian official saying yesterday. Speaking to media, senior aide to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Shaath, said Japan had pledged to support the Palestinian right to

Palestine turns to Moscow for future Israel talks

It is no secret that Palestinian trust in Washington as an impartial broker and mediator in future peace talks with Israel has been shredded. And given the Trump administration’s reckless, not to mention illegal, decision to declare Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December

Modi Hopes Palestine Will Soon Become ‘A Free Country’

I have once again assured President Abbas that India is bound by a promise to take care of the Palestinian people’s interests,” Modi said following a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Saturday, presstv reported. Modi also hailed India and Palestine’s

Israel targets Gaza area just reconstructed after 2014 war

Israel warplanes bombed a monitoring post belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the northern Gaza Strip in the early hours of today, no injuries casualties were reported. The shelling targeted the site with two missiles in the area which lies northeast of Beit Lahia,

Jerusalem can never be taken off the table

I was aged 12 when Israel occupied the rest of Palestine. In the summer of 1967, Israel conducted a census and those of us living in Jerusalem were issued residency ID cards different than the rest of the Occupied Territories. Israel had unilaterally expanded

EU pledges €42.5 million in aid to Palestinians

The European Union on Wednesday pledged €42.5 million ($52.9 million) to support Palestinians, ahead of a high-level meeting in Brussels to address broken down peace talks. The talks on Wednesday were to bring top Israeli, Palestinian, US and Arab officials and politicians together for

Israeli Arabs blast Pence’s speech, Arab MKs’ protest

Israeli Arabs were of two minds regarding US Vice President Mike Pence’s speech before the Knesset plenum Monday and were also split on their opinion of the protest of Joint List MKs that preceded it. Before Pence could begin his speech, he was interrupted by the