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Clashes between Saudi forces, armed gangs in Yemen

Violent clashes broke out yesterday in Al-Mahrah governorate between Saudi Arabia’s forces and unidentified armed smugglers, Aden Tomorrow reported. Sixteen armed smugglers entered the governorate in four vehicles when an encounter with Saudi forces led to exchange of gun fire. There was no clear indication on

UN calls for nearly $3 billion in humanitarian aid for Yemen

The United Nations is calling for what it refers to as a record $2.96 billion aid for war-ravaged Yemen where Saudi airstrikes, looming famine, and cholera have claimed the lives of thousands of people. According to a statement released by the UN Office for

Iran in violation of Yemen arms embargo, says UN report

UNITED NATIONS: Iran has violated a UN arms embargo by failing to block supplies to Yemen’s Huthi rebels of ballistic missiles that were fired at Saudi Arabia, a UN panel of experts says, bolstering the US and Saudi claims of Tehran’s military involvement in Yemen.