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Asteroid the size of huge skyscraper heading for Earth

A “potentially hazardous” asteroid, larger than the world’s tallest building, is heading towards Earth at a speed of 76,000 miles per hour. Asteroid 2002 AJ129 will fly past Earth on February 4, coming within 2.6 million miles (4.2 million kilometers) of our planet, according

This ‘muscular’ mayfly has arms like airplane wings

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—With arms stocky enough to win a bodybuilding competition, it’s little wonder this burly insect is sometimes called a “muscle mayfly.” But those arms aren’t for heavy lifting, researchers say. Instead, they act like wings. At roughly 1 centimeter long, this young Ecdyonurus mayfly

Scientists discover 280-million-year-old fossil forest in Antarctica

Geologists have discovered 280-million-year-old tree fossils in what is believed to be evidence of the oldest polar forest found in Antarctica. Erik Gulbranson and John Isbell from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee trekked across the Transantarctic Mountains during the continent’s summer, between November and January. They found the ancient ​specimens among the rocks

Researchers Catch Super massive Black Hole Burping – Twice

Using data from several telescopes including NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have caught a supermassive black hole snacking on gas and then “burping” — not once but twice, as described in our latest press release. This graphic shows the galaxy, called SDSS J1354+1327 (J1354 for short) in

Virgin Galactic nearing powered SpaceShipTwo test flights

The chief executive of Virgin Galactic said Sept. 7 that the company’s second suborbital space plane was “at the edge” of beginning powered test flights, after at least one more glide flight. George Whitesides, speaking at the 20th Annual International Mars Society Convention in