Black Panther militants march through US’s Georgia

More than 100 heavily armed militants dressed in black joined into protests at Stone Mountain, Georgia. A predominantly Black group of heavily armed protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Saturday, calling for removal of the giant Confederate rock carving at the

Israel launches spy satellite into orbit

The satellite was fired into space using a Shavit launch vehicle that took off from a launchpad in the Palmachim air base in central Israel. Israel on Monday launched a new spy satellite that it said would provide high-quality surveillance for its military intelligence.

India officially becomes third-worst virus-hit country

The country has registered 24,248 positive cases in the last 24 hours taking the tally to 697,413. India has over-taken Russia with the world’s third-highest number of novel coronavirus cases, at nearly 700,000, according to the latest data, as the outbreak shows no sign

Two dead in US nightclub shooting

The incident took place early Sunday in the city of Greenville. Ten people were shot early on Sunday in a Greenville, South Carolina, nightclub in an outburst of suspected gang-related violence that killed two people and critically injured two others, police said. THE INCIDENT

Israel sees highest daily rise in coronavirus cases

The authorities have so far reported 26,452 infections, including 324 deaths and 17,481 recoveries. Israel on Thursday confirmed 966 new cases of the novel coronavirus, the highest single-day spike since the virus was first detected on Feb. 21, the country’s Health Ministry said. HEALTH

Wuhan complex to produce over 100 million vaccine

China has completed the construction of a complex consisting of a research laboratory and a coronavirus vaccine production workshop in Wuhan. China has completed the construction of a research laboratory and workshop complex in the city of Wuhan for producing vaccines to combat coronavirus

Erdoğan, Putin, Rouhani discuss Syrian issue

According to the official statement, the leaders stressed that UN principles should be universally respected and that no actions, no matter by whom they were undertaken should undermine them. The leaders of Turkey, Russia, and Iran on Wednesday expressed their commitment to “the sovereignty, independence,

Merkel calls EU to take coherent strategy towards Turkey

Turkey has argued that EU failed to uphold its commitments under the 2016 pact, while Turkey has kept its pledges, sharply reducing irregular migration to the EU in the process. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday stressed the importance of “strategic ties” with Turkey, also vowing