British defense secretary says Turkey must defend itself

Ben Wallace stated that Turkey has been and is under terrorist threat from groups British defense secretary said Turkey has faced and is still facing a terror threat from the PKK. Speaking at the NATO parliamentary assembly in London on Monday, Ben Wallace urged

Israeli police arrest Jerusalem governor

Israeli police arrested the Palestinian Authority’s chief of the Jerusalem governate, following riots. Israeli police detained Jerusalem governor Adnan Ghaith in a dawn raid on Monday, according to a Palestinian NGO. “The governor was arrested in a raid on his home in the Jerusalem

Green Zone reopened after stabilizing situation in Iraq

The mass protests in Iraq broke out on Oct. 1 with the demands of improving living conditions. Green Zone includes government buildings, foreign embassies, headquarters of US-led international coalition in Iraq Iraqi authorities reopened Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone on Tuesday after stability returned in

Turkey, Philippines sign deal for defense cooperation

Turkey and the Philippines signed a deal for defense cooperation in the Philippine capital on Tuesday. ATAKS WILL BE SENT TO PHILIPPINES The deal — a memorandum of understanding — was signed by Ismail Demir, the head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency, and Delfin

Tougher screening for Middle East cargo flights to US

Cargo flights from five Middle East countries will have to undergo extra security screening when flying to the United States, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said on Monday. Flights originating from Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will have to undergo

Pedophilia, rape and sexual assault at Israeli music schools

Over ten students have already spoken out against conductor Menahem Nebenhaus in incidents ranging from sexual harassment to full-on rape. Renowned Israeli musician and conductor Menahem Nebenhaus was accused last week of sexually harassing, raping, and prostituting numerous minors at several educational institutions at