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Iranian police seizes 5.5 million protective masks

The Middle East country reported 16 deaths from the virus, with 95 confirmed cases so far. Iranian police seized more than 5.5 million protective masks hoarded by black marketeers in Tehran in recent days, according to the country’s IRNA news agency. THREE SUSPECTS WERE

Death toll rises to 50 in Iran, lawmaker says

Earlier on Monday, Iran’s state television announced that the death toll from the virus in the country rose to 12 with 47 confirmed cases. At least 50 people died of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran’s northern city of Qom over the past two weeks,

Italy cancels Venice Carnival amid coronavirus outbreak

Italy decided to ban Venice’s famed carnival events as the country races to contain coronavirus. The last two days of the Venice Carnival, which draws tourists from around the world, have been canceled because of an outbreak of coronavirus, the head of the Veneto

Iranians go to the polls to elect new parliament

Iran’s supreme leader urges citizens to head to polling stations amid fears of low voter turnout. Elections for Iran’s 290-member parliament started on Friday morning amid expectations of low voter turnout. 58 MILLION VOTERS WILL DETERMINE NEW PARLIAMENT A total of 55,000 polling stations

Coronavirus death toll reaches to 5 in Iran

Iranian officials said on Friday that 13 more people have been infected with the new virus that originated in central China. The death toll from new coronavirus in Iran has risen to five, according to a statement released by Iran’s Health Ministry on Friday.

First two deaths confirmed in Iran

Iranian authorities said that the number of suspected cases have been quarantined immediately. Iran on Wednesday confirmed the deaths of two people from coronavirus in the country. In a Twitter post, Kianoush Jahanpour, Iran’s Health Ministry spokesman, said that two people died in the

Rouhani urges EU not taking any wrong steps

Iranian President asserted that the US and Europeans should come back to compliance with the nuclear deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday warned the U.S. and Europe against taking a “wrong” step in response to Iran’s decision not to abide by the nuclear deal, according

German FM warns Iraq over Daesh threat

The top German minister Heiko Maas also reiterated the right of the Iranian people to express their opinions in peaceful means. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned Monday that Daesh/ISIS terror group may return to Iraq in case of the withdrawal of coalition forces

UK summons Iran’s envoy over Tehran’s arrest

British Ambassador Rob Macaire was briefly detained Saturday during demonstrations in Tehran over the shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner by Iranian forces. Britain summoned Iran’s ambassador to the U.K. on Monday for explanation on its ambassador’s brief arrest in Iran by security services

US secretary discusses Iran tension with Iraqi PM

US to do ‘whatever it takes’ to protect American, Iraqi people, defend its collective interests, says US secretary of state. Pompeo reiterated the US’ condemnation of the Iranian regime’s launch of ballistic missiles early Wednesday into two sites in Iraq that host Iraqi, American,