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Russian airstrike injures children in Syria’s Idlib

According to White Helmets, five civilians were injured during the attacks. Five civilians were injured in a Russian airstrike in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province, according to the White Helmets civil defense agency on Wednesday. ATTACK TARGETED CIVILIANS The attack targeted civilian settlements in al-Rami

Israeli forces destroy Syrian posts in cross-border raid

Israel has launched hundreds of strikes in Syria since the start of the country’s civil war in 2011. Israeli forces destroyed two Syrian military positions in a cross-border raid in the Golan Heights, the army said on Wednesday. NO COMMENT FROM SYRIAN AUTHORITIES Military

Israel strikes Syrian army positions in retaliatory attack

The strike came a few hours after the Israeli military said blasts were heard from the Syrian-held area of the Golan Heights. The Israeli military on Friday said its helicopters struck Syrian army targets in response to mortars fired toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Assad regime charges outgoing travellers

Syrian regime forces demand $100 virus test to leave the country. Under the pressure of a recent economic crisis and sanctions, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime on Friday began charging outgoing travelers the equivalent of $100 for coronavirus tests. SOCIAL MEDIA USERS SLAMMED THE DECISION

UN sends 9 more aid trucks to Idlib, Syria

Idlib falls within a de-escalation zone forged under an agreement between Turkey and Russia. The UN on Wednesday sent nine truckloads of humanitarian aid to northwestern Syria where millions of people are in need of assistance due to internal conflict. AID WILL BE DISTRIBUTED

PKK terrorists’ vehicle bombing kills 6 civilians in Syria

Local security forces suspect the YPG/PKK terror group may be behind the attack. At least six civilians, including three children, were killed and seven others injured in a bomb attack in northeastern Syria on Tuesday. PKK VIOLATES THE DEAL ON PLANNED TERROR-FREE ZONE The

Russia, China veto UN’s cross-border aid to Syria

Russia and China cast vetoes on Tuesday to block the UN from extending its approval of aid deliveries to Syria for a year. Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution Tuesday that would have extended cross-border humanitarian aid to three million Syrians

UN sends 44 more truckloads of medical aid to Syria’s Idlib

The medical aid will be distributed to civilians in the rural areas. The UN on Thursday sent 44 truckloads of humanitarian aid to northwestern Syria, where millions of people are in need of assistance due to internal conflict in the country. TRUCKS HAVE CROSSED

Erdoğan, Putin, Rouhani discuss Syrian issue

According to the official statement, the leaders stressed that UN principles should be universally respected and that no actions, no matter by whom they were undertaken should undermine them. The leaders of Turkey, Russia, and Iran on Wednesday expressed their commitment to “the sovereignty, independence,