NATO to step up against Daesh terrorists in Middle East

NATO chief also cited the alliance’s training mission in Afghanistan meant to reduce violence between the government and Taliban militants.

NATO is “ready to step up” to fight against Daesh/ISIS and provide more security in the Middle East, the alliance’s secretary general told reporters Wednesday.


At a two-day meeting in Brussels, NATO defense ministers are discussing security and stability in the Middle East with a special focus on the fight against Daesh, as well as the alliance’s role in Afghanistan and its response to Russian missile deployments.

“It is extremely important for us that ISIS never returns,” Jens Stoltenberg underlined, referring to the “horrendous violence” caused by the terror organization.

Stoltenberg urged the ministers to reiterate their commitment to NATO’s training mission Iraq, which he said plays a crucial role in the fight against Daesh. He added that other ways of helping Iraq and other countries in the region would also be on the table during the talks.

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