US admits to forming “terrorist army”, Erdogan says

Turkey’s President Erdogan said the US formation of a 30,000 YPG militants on its border with Syria would be dealt with and the country’s armed forces were ready to start operations. US admission that it is backing the formation of a 30,000 strong army

Palestinians to get 3G in West Bank, after Israel lifts ban

AMALLAH, Palestinian Territory — Palestinians in the West Bank are finally getting high-speed mobile data services, after a yearslong Israeli ban that cost their fragile economy hundreds of millions of dollars, impeded tech start-ups and denied them simple conveniences enjoyed by the rest of

UAE says Qatari fighter jets intercept passenger plane

The United Arab Emirates on Monday accused fighter jets belonging to Qatar of intercepting a passenger plane en route to Bahrain, in an ongoing row over alleged airspace violations. “Qatari fighter jets intercept an Emirati civilian aircraft during a routine flight to Manama in

This edible sensor could reveal what our gut microbes are up to

Wouldn’t it be nice if our microbiomes could serve up diet advice—some science-based assurance that our food and medicines act in harmony with our resident microbes to keep us healthy? For that to happen, scientists will need to better understand how the interaction between

The Mediterranean is “by far world’s deadliest border”

A report by the International Organization for Migration has found that at least 33,761 migrants have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean between 2000 and 2017. The International Organization for Migration has released a report in which it concludes that Europe’s Mediterranean border is “by

Sudan deploys more troops to Eritrea border

Sudan says it has sent more troops to its eastern border with Eritrea as tension in the Red Sea region continues to rise. Early this month Khartoum closed its borders with Eritrea and sent troops to its border region of Kassala, following reports that Egypt has deployed troops in

Police Release Video Of The Shooting Of Charles Smith

The North Little Rock Police Department has released footage that shows the fatal shooting of a teenager following a struggle with officers. The edits to the video, including pauses and red circles, were added by the police department. Following the spread of “misinformation” on