Security forces, protesters clash in Lebanon’s capital

Last week, protests erupted in Lebanon against the new government of premier Hassan Diab formed earlier this month.

Lebanon’s security forces on Monday detained scores of demonstrators in front of the country’s parliament amid tensions before lawmakers began discussing the 2020 budget.


Security forces closed all roads and entrances leading to the parliament in the capital Beirut, where the draft general budget law, proposed by the previous government, will be discussed and approved, according to Anadolu Agency’s reporter.

Demonstrators managed to remove barbed wire after skirmishes with security forces at the northern entrance of parliament, trying to prevent legislators from participating in the budget session.

The Lebanese Red Cross announced on Twitter that 12 people had been injured during the clashes and referred to hospitals, while 40 others were affected by tear gas.

At least 114 people were injured last Monday in Beirut and 220 others wounded on Saturday after security forces and protesters clashed outside the parliament building.

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