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23 killed in riots in New Delhi

According to the local sources, Muslim residents in Mustafabad started to leave their homes fearing further clashes. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed for calm on Wednesday after days of clashes between Hindus and minority Muslims over a controversial citizenship law in some of

Trump cheered by huge crowd in India

Trump said US will sign an agreement to sell $3 billion worth of helicopters and other equipment to Indian military. Donald Trump was cheered by more than 100,000 Indians at the opening of the world’s largest cricket stadium on Monday, promising “an incredible trade deal” and “the

Chinese doctor warns coronavirus may become just like flu

Doctor’s comments came as the death toll was continuing rising dramatically across the country. A top Chinese doctor has warned the recent drop in cases could be misleading and the new coronavirus disease could become a long-term problem, local media reported on Thursday. Wang

One person dies in every 4 minutes in coronavirus outbreak

The death toll in China coronavirus outbreak reaches 2,128. The death toll in China from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 2,128 the country’s National Health Commission said Thursday. 114 DEAD IN LAST 24 HOURS The commission said there are 11,864 confirmed cases of

Trump thinks virus outbreak may be weakened by April

Trump’s comments on Monday echoed a tweet the president posted on Friday after talking with President Xi. Trump issued an optimistic prediction about the coronavirus outbreak on Monday. “A lot of people think that goes away in April, with the heat that comes in,” he

Coronavirus gets official name

The virus gets an official name, COVID-19, as confirmed cases continue to decrease in the epicenter. The pathogen has been officially named COVID-19 – CO for corona, VI for virus, D for disease and 19 for the year it emerged. The virus emerged from

Japan reports 150 new virus cases in world-wide outbreak

Japanese officials said a total of 130 people who were aboard the Diamond Princess tested positive for the virus, which has claimed over 900 lives in China so far. Japan on Monday revealed that there were 150 coronavirus patients in the country, local media

Russia, Ukraine strongly tied together, Russian minister says

Our countries, even in the current conditions are strongly interconnected in the economy, transport, humanitarian affairs, family ties, Sergei Lavrov said. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that his country was ready to exchange ambassadors with Ukraine. “WE’LL BE FINE RECALLING AMBASSADORS”

Pelosi rips up copy of Trump’s speech in Congress

As Trump finished his State of the Union speech, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood up, tapped her copy of the speech on the desk and then ripped them in half before putting them back down. A bitter feud between US President Donald Trump